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  • How do I reserve a Lot at Bee Creek on Lake Travis? What does the process look like?
    For Phase 3, you may reserve a lot by submitting a $20,000 deposit, along with proof of financing. This deposit is refundable until our plat is fully recorded. This date is anticipated to be February 15, 2022. Closing occurs within 15 days of final plat approval and recordation.
  • How long until the plat is recorded and finalized, and I can close on my lot?"
    Bee Creek Phase 3 has been accepted as a preliminary plat by the City of Lakeway, as it lies in the City of Lakeway ETJ. We expect final approval in early 2022, with construction starting sometime in Spring of 2022.
  • How long will home construction take?
    12-15 Months from the date of permit. Permits, if submitted when plat is recorded, take 60-90 days for approval.
  • What are the building restrictions for Bee Creek at Lake Travis?
    Minimum Home Size - 3000 sq. ft. Roof Requirement - Tile or Metal Design Approval by MidCentury Communities, if home not built by MidCentury
  • What is the tax rate?
    The tax rate is 1.9%. Compare this to Rough Hollow at 2.57% and Sweetwater at 3.1%.
  • Is there an HOA?
    There is no HOA within Bee Creek.
  • Are water storage tanks allowed?
    Not only are they allowed, they are encouraged. Rainwater collection, water storage and conservation are highly encouraged at Bee Creek.
  • Can I gate my driveway at Bee Creek?
    Yes. Gates are allowed with appropriate design for turnarounds and deliveries.
  • Am I able to rent out my home or casita as an AirBnB?
    Yes. We are an STR friendly community.
  • Can I have multiple dwellings on my property?
    Yes. You may have up to three detached dwellings, including garages and casitas.
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